How Career Coaching Works

Purpose of Career Coaching

To create and maintain a partnership between the coach and the client in which the coach is the facilitator of the client’s desires to maximize their personal and professional growth. It is a process that requires a commitment of all the parties involved including but not limited to the company, the teams involved, coachee, and the coach. The relationship between coach and coachee is one of confidentiality, openness, and trust, (C.O.T.) to the processes that will be employed and there is no question that will not be answered to the best of the coach and the coachee’s ability.

The coachee admits that this is a process and that without C.O.T. there is only a limited chance of success.IT is important that as the coachee that you are committed to these processes and will be open and honest with the coach in order to accomplish the goals of this relationship.

In order for us both to be successful in this process, we both commit to:

  • Honesty
  • Personal Responsibility for our actions and the consequences
  • Mutual Respect for each other
  • Desire to change behaviors that are detrimental to the goals set
  • Willingness to deeply examine our personal and professional lives
  • Learn new behaviors that will enhance the personal and
  • professional goals

Your coach will be focused and committed to you for the duration of the coaching contract and you agree to be focused and committed to the processes and your coach for the duration of the coaching contract.

Code of Ethics

Your coach voluntarily adheres to the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics.

What goes on in the Initial Session

The initial session will occur within 15 days of the signing of the coaching agreement and its duration will be at least 60 minutes with a maximum of 90 minutes. This session will be in person between the coach and the coachee and will include but is not limited to the following:

  • How does the coachee feel about the coaching agreement?
  • What are the coachees initial expectations from this relationship?
  • What is the current level of trust between the coach and the coachee?
  • Review of the Coaching Agreement
  • Logistics
    • How often meet
    • Telephone, email, or in person
  • Coach explanation of initial metrics and tools
  • Agenda for Next Meeting